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House of Translation possesses extensive Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese translation services which incorporate interpreters, translators and conference equipment hire.

Our technical translators are adept at translating and interpreting all aspects of communications associated with the flourishing ethanol industry, alternative and green energy, and financial and foreign investment sectors so critical to Brazil’s modern success story.

Our professional translators are fully comfortable with and understand the variations that exist in the language and the main differences between them. Other variations can be found in African Portuguese-speaking countries, which have more in common with European Portuguese than Brazilian.

Why Portuguese?

Portuguese is not only the native language of Portugal and Brazil, but also of Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and other countries with outstanding business opportunities.

Being one of the world’s most important languages and the official language of many important international organisations, it is inevitable that a multinational business will require French translation services.

There are approximately 210 to 215 million Portuguese native speakers and 240 million total speakers.

Portuguese is the seventh most spoken language in the world